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Belly Fat Exercises Such As Crunches Don’t Help You Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat exercises such as abdominal crunches will not directly help you lose belly fat. Many individuals refer to this myth as the “spot reduction” which means you can target weight loss in specific parts of your body. When you are physically active, you really can’t control which part of your body you want to lose weight from. Our genes play a big part in controlling body shape and composition. Crunches just strengthen your abdominals that are under the layer of belly fat. When you exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, you lose weight all over your belly including your belly.


Belly Fat Exercises Such As Crunches Don't Help You Lose Belly Fat


Belly fat is the biggest risk to your health, bank account and your life. The good news is that belly fat is the easiest fat to lose. As you all know, belly fat has many complications such as, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, stroke and type II diabetes. On the other hand, a lean belly has many benefits including: better sleep, shown to make you smarter, better sex, a healthier heart and more money from medical bills.

Sometimes individuals find it difficult to exercise because of a job or a busy schedule but you can use non-exercise activity thermo genetics (NEAT) to burn calories without going to the gym. You can stand up while taking phone calls, walking to a co-worker instead of sending an e-mail, parking further away from your destination and washing dishes by hand while standing up instead of using the dishwasher.

Healthy Eating Tips to Lose Belly Fat:

Eat Nuts: A study was done with one group of people eating 200 calories a day in candy and another ate 200 calories a day in peanuts. After 2 weeks, the candy group gained weight plus waist size while the peanut group remained lean and satisfied.


Drink Water: If you drink eight glasses of water a day you will lose 500 calories a week. You can stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water at your desk at work.



Spice It Up: Ground cinnamon has been proven to suppress blood sugar spikes and related weight gain. Add a little cinnamon your morning coffee or desserts.


Now that you know that belly fat exercises won’t help you lose belly fat alone, you can follow these proven tips to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach the proper way.

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