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Exercise to Lose Weight during Pregnancy

It has been proven that women can maintain fitness routines to lose weight well into a pregnancy. Medical authorities have confirmed that it is safe for pregnant women to exercise, as long as they eat healthy and drink efficiently. Dr. Jennifer Wu, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, said women that are pregnant should be able to hold a conversation while running to ensure sufficient oxygen.


Women who are experiencing pre-term contractions or significant discomfort should stop running. Running cannot harm the fetus because it’s cushioned by a bag of fluid, said Wu. Dr. Wu mentioned that walking for 20 minutes a day, three times a week is great plus swimming is ideal exercising for pregnant women. This doesn’t put stress on the joints of the legs and feet.

Wu said a woman should gain 20 to 25 pounds during pregnancy but other medical sources say a weight gain of up to 35 pounds is normal. Exercise during pregnancy established a need for a higher caloric intake and patients should include an additional 300 to 500 calories a day during pregnancy. It is advised that woman drink enough water that their urine is clear or yellow.

Exercising during pregnancy can make labor easier, Wu said. Staying active to lose weight helps maintain a healthy weight for mom and the baby. Also after pregnancy it is recommend that women keep exercising and eating healthy for weight loss and reduce belly fat. Women love to have a flat stomach after having a baby and the only way to lose belly fat is through proper diet and exercise.

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