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Lose Weight With An Egg For Work

A new study finds that eating an egg for work can help you lose weight and is the best way to start the day. According to researchers, eating eggs for breakfast can cut the calories eaten at lunch and dinner.  A Surrey University study show that eggs keep you full longer compared to other breakfast foods. They can help people fight the craving of afternoon snacks such as cakes, chocolate or biscuits.

The study experimented with three regular breakfasts with the same level of calories – cornflakes with milk and toast, eggs on toast or a croissant and orange juice. To support eggs as a key player for weight loss diets, the Surrey team discovered that volunteers felt fuller longer and had a lower craving to eat after the egg breakfast compared to the other ones. Also, the egg breakfast contributed to a lower intake of energy during lunch and evening meals compared to other typical breakfasts.

In previous US research, women were given either an egg or bagel-based breakfast of the same calories and the egg-eating participants felt fuller and had a lower desire to eat other foods for the next 24 hours. There was another study published in 2010 that compared a three-egg breakfast and a low-fat bagel one in a group of men. It discovered their reaction to ghrelin which is the only known hormone to stimulate hunger – was suppressed.

Professor Bruce Griffin, who ran the Surrey study said: “This study provides yet more evidence that eating eggs at breakfast can help keep us feeling fuller longer and may help people eat less subsequent meals, therefore helping us lose weight. It was feared for years that eggs cause high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. The famous slogan urging the nation to “go to work on an egg” – coined in the Fifties as a part of a £12 million campaign fronted on TV by comedian Tony Hancock – was cut because of health worries. However, after years of conflicting advice, new studies have shown eggs to have an insignificant effect on cholesterol.

One medium-sized egg contains about 80 calories. They have a good source of protein plus vitamins and minerals which are vital to health. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, found in fresh fruit and vegetables, is recommended to reduce cholesterol.

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