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Obesity in Low Income Communities

There is a new study that shows the area you live in can affect your overall health and weight loss. Low income neighbors have been shown to have higher obesity rates compared to wealthier neighborhoods. The problem is associated with the food choices and how active the community is. People who live in a middle class or upper class neighbor are more active and have healthier food choices. Therefore, individuals who move to a higher class community have lower obesity rates over ten years.

People with a low income can’t afford to purchase organic or healthier foods so they are left with the cheap and unhealthy food choices like a $1 cheeseburger at McDonald’s. People with a higher income are able to shop for healthier foods and are more active because the market is closer to their homes where they can walk or ride a bike. All it takes is a couple of active people in the community to inspire others and most of the neighbors will join in and become active also.

One thing that I do suggest is poor income families can grow their own gardens to have fresh fruits and vegetables. This way they can save money and eat healthy. Instead of eating out all the time one should consider cooking if they have time and shop smart. Shopping for store brands instead of the name brand is a smarter choice because the lower brand takes just the same and you will save greatly.

For the most part we need to be more active and make smarter food choices to lose weight and reduce the increasing obesity rates. Weight loss comes from eating a healthy diet and getting daily physical activity. Walking to the store is a start and a way to get you use to working out while feeling great about yourself. Take action today and become a healthier person in the future.

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