Lose Belly Fat Proven Belly Fat Loss Secrets to Lose Stomach Fat


Beer Belly Causes: How to Reduce Belly Fat

According to Senior Dieticians Mukta Vasishta and Sunita Roy Chowdhary, the real cause of the beer belly is not totally caused by drinking alcohol. Vasishta says that the real cause of a beer belly is excess calorie intake and not burning enough calories because of a sedentary lifestyle.

The people who have a beer belly are not healthy because the visceral fat deposited leads to secretion of cytokines which cause chronic inflammation and disease. According to Chowdhary, it would be a great choice to lose weight if you are a male with a waist size above 40 inches and a female with a waist size above 35 inches. He also says the main cause of obesity is consumption of excess calories (overeating) and Cushing’s syndrome (which is a health condition that comes from long-standing contact of the body's tissues to high levels of the hormone cortisol) and certain drugs may also be the cause.

Mukta Vasishta mentions that to prevent this type of obesity you must lose weight, relieve stress by meditation and breathing exercises, drink plenty of water and eat a proper diet. He says Liposuction removes subcutaneous fat and not the visceral fat because it is too close to the internal organ which is not safe. Chowdhary states that one must eat a healthy balanced diet and daily routine exercise. Do not overeat and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to lose weight and reduce belly fat successfully.


Diet for Weight Loss

It’s very frustrating how those few extra pounds of belly fat seem to makes its way onto our bodies without notice. Then, all of a sudden, it seems as though those extra pounds of stomach fat have all been added at once. Maybe it’s a glance in the mirror, or worse, a comment from a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time. Whatever it may be, you are ready to lose weight and become a healthier person. You want to look and feel great. The problem is, there's so much conflicting information about the most effective way to lose weight and get a flat stomach naturally.

This upcoming solution may not be at the top of everybody's list for ways to lose weight quickly, but it’s proven to work. Most importantly it should be added to your list for reducing those extra pounds on a daily basis. This tip may sound a little silly or simple, but you can't argue with results. So, what is this method? Portion control and it can actually be a lot fun and at the same time healthy!


For starters, when you focus on your portions, it is not necessary to bring along a huge calories counter guide every time you go out to eat. I used to hate trying to be "casual" when using those, because I just knew all of the other diners were watching me; thinking of how fat I was which is very embarrassing.


A simple way of controlling your portions is putting less food on your plate. How easy is that huh? Well not so fast! If it was that easy we would all be at our ideal weight. Yes, by all means, make an effort to put less food on your plate. Here are a few more ideas to keep portions minimized so you can lose extra weight and get a flat stomach:


Don't worry about cleaning your plate. Instead, make it a habit to  leave a few bites on your plate. Using smaller dishes will give the illusion that there is more food on your plate. You can even eat on a saucer instead of a large dinner plate. Granted, you may have to fill it a second time, but all in all, it's an easy way to limit the amount of food you're eating.


A big issue for many people is that they eat so fast that they are technically full long before they feel full. Reduce the speed with which you normally eat. This will give your stomach more time to signal the brain that it is full. Eating to fast stimulates a hormone that can cause overeating so take your time and enjoy your meal.

The beauty of doing it this way is that you can eat the same foods you have always enjoyed. You should still add more healthy foods to your diet, but you don't have to give up any foods if you can keep the portion sizes under control. This is a stigma that many people encounter when trying to lose weight or belly fat but it turns out that you don’t have to get rid of  all your favorite foods. Once you get use to it, it will become a second nature weight loss strategy you will utilize everyday. There are many other things you can do, too. Imagine looking good in the mirror, or being complimented by a friend the next time you see them. Start you dieting plan today and see incredible improvements in weeks to come.


Lose Belly Fat for Men

A recent survey shows that up to 2/3 of American males are overweight or obese. Most men are carrying a few extra pounds in the form of a pot belly, beer gut, and belly fat that they wish they could lose which causes health factors.

Men are more like to gain belly fat than women are. Women are more likely to gain fat in their thighs, legs, and hip area. Since beer is high in calories, it is said that people get a beer belly from drinking beer. Another study proves that binge drinking could result in a pot belly. An author by the name of Graeme Hildtich, stated in his book that you cannot hold beer solely responsible for a beer belly. Other contributing factors are lack of exercise, man's predisposition to add fat to his abdominal region and excess calories. No one really knows why drinking alcohol leads to excess belly fat.


Males who have belly fat are at a high risk of health issues including: abnormal lipids, diabetes, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. If a male's waist size is above 40 inches, then the health risks increases.

In order to lose that stomach fat you must indulge in working out and proper dieting. With these two factors combined you can lose belly fat in no time. Some people think that sit ups alone will make them lose stomach fat but that will only strengthen your abdominal muscles. A brief walk for 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days week is a great workout for middle-aged men. To maintain your current weight you should eat less and exercise more, or burn more calories than you take in. Consuming alcohol adds extra excess fat, stops all fat burning, increases estrogen levels and increases your appetite. An alternative to drinking beer is drinking wine which contains some good ingredients that can benefit your health.

Common problems that are associated with alcohol consumption are: development of additional estrogen, reduced testosterone and the inability to absorb vital nutrients.

I would suggest eating a balanced health diet and getting regular daily exercise to lose stomach fat naturally. You cannot just do one or the other, you can have to combine both workouts and eating healtrhy to properly lose that stubborn belly fat.

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