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Lose Belly Fat With Injections

Belly fat is the most difficult fat to get rid of and causes serious health issues but researchers discovered a new injection that may help humans reduce stomach fat.

We are all aware that obesity is a growing issue in the United States and many individuals are searching endlessly for quick solutions to lose weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030. The bad part about this is that most people carry the fat in their abdomen area which studies have shown to be the most dangerous. Many Americans think they can do sit ups or crunches to lose stomach fat but you will only harden the muscles under the fat. You must do cardiovascular exercises such as running or jogging to lose weight all over then do ab workouts.

Researchers at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center are finding out that injecting a small capsule of heat generating cells in the bellies of mice helped them turn their white or bad fat, which stores fat in the body, into brown fat. Brown fat is good because it speeds up the metabolism, which led the mice to eventually lose about 20% of belly fat after 80 days of treatment. Ouliana Ziouzenkova with Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, says “We call it thermagenic fat”.

The mice did gain some weight back overtime but it wasn’t dramatic. Researchers also found that the vaccine caused a decrease in visceral fat, the fat around the organs, which was very important.

If the injections are created for humans, it will not be used as a weight loss device just yet. Instead it will be used for individuals that are not capable of exercising, for instance, elderly people or individuals who are handicapped. However, for the ones who are not physically impaired, diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and reduce belly fat successfully. You can’t just exercise one day then stop all of a sudden. You have to stayed dedicated and work at it until it becomes a routine. If it’s hard to stay motivated you can find a partner to work out with you and join you in your diet plans and workouts. You can start small by making small changes to you calorie intake and walking if you don't have much energy or time to join a gym. Start your healthy habits today and become a healthier person for the future.

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Lose Weight Year Round – Reduce Belly Fat

Many Americans desire to lose weight quick for special reasons such as a wedding, a vacation at the beach or just to improve their physical appearance. This means searching for the quickest method to lose belly fat or slim down with a supplement or magic pill that will do the job. The truth is there is no such thing as instant weight loss and you have to work at it daily for permanent results with proper diet and exercise. The difficult part is getting started but once you make weight loss a daily routine it will become second nature to you.

Making small changes is the key to getting started successfully and this could include little things such as eating less of unhealthy foods and walking with a friend for at least half an hour throughout the week. I don’t believe in spending tons of money on a gym membership so I use my exercise bar at home for my strength training and go jogging at the local track for my cardio activity. On my exercise bar I can do the most effective exercises such as pull ups, dips and pushups which help me out a lot.

I use to eat a lot of red meat like hamburgers and steak before my diet changes but now I only eat white meats such as fish, chicken and turkey. Fish contains a good source of protein and it’s one of my favorites. If you don’t like fish you can take a fish oil supplement instead which include many benefits such as arthritis relief, heart health and other joint pain relief. I have completely stopped frying foods and opted in for baking everything instead. Baking is much healthier because it eliminates the fat and grease that comes from frying and it’s also delicious. Eating at fast foods restaurants is a not an option as I cook at home to save money and stick to low calorie diets.

You won’t be able to lose belly fat or lose weight effectively with just eating right or physical activity alone. You must combine both diet and exercise for permanent results and faster progress. If you have body fat and you only exercise, you will only strengthen the muscles under the fat. You have to perform cardiovascular activities such as walking or jogging plus eat healthy to lose weight effectively. I am a fan of whole grains such as rice, wheat and oats because they boost your metabolism and are good for your heart. Since I love oatmeal I eat it for breakfast with an egg and wheat bread after my workout. I feel fuller longer after eating a healthy meal for breakfast and I have more energy throughout the day. Never skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day! You need breakfast to get your brain going and your beautiful day started successfully.


I found out that you burn more calories by eating more small meals per day instead of eating large meals. Eating small meals keeps your metabolism going so you burn more calories instead of eating large meals which take longer to digest. Small meals can be simple as a salad with a glass of water or tuna fish sandwich with wheat bread.

If you start these small changes to your diet and exercise routine today you will find it fun and will lose weight on a regular basis and stay fit year round. You won’t have to rush or search for a quick weight loss scheme to lose fat for that wedding or the beach. Start today and it make it your daily plan to diet and exercise the natural way.

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Belly Fat Shortcuts for Six Pack Abs

“Belly Fat can be very responsive with the right strategies,” says Michele Olson, PhD, an exercise researcher at Auburn University. Here, science-proven ways to fine-tune your current healthy routine for quick results. It’s very frustrating when you fill your grocery cart with healthy foods, stay away from the ice cream while under stress, wear out your walking shoes and still the belly fat remains. Even though those healthy habits are a great start, as you get older, you need to eat smarter and workout to maintain a flatter stomach.

1.  Walk with A Faster Pace

When you walk faster you will on average burn 25% more calories and target belly fat. A recent study from the University of Arkansas found that when exercisers burned the exact same amount of calories a week, those who did shorter, high-intensity workouts had a twenty percent decrease in visceral fat after three months, while those who did longer workouts at a medium pace did not change. Your goal should be two or three weekly speed sessions for about thirty minutes each. If you are not able to maintain that pace for the entire workout, practice intervals, alternating short bursts of speed followed by slower segments.

2. Weight Training

Aerobic exercises such as speed walking or jogging  is excellent for blasting belly fat, but a total-body weight training routine improves results and tightens your abdominals even more. A twelve week Skidmore College study found that exercisers who performed a high-intensity total-body resistance workout combined with cardio lost more than twice as much body fat in particular, more than four times as much belly fat (compared to cardio-only exercisers). The resistance training group also ate a high protein diet, while the other group followed a traditional, moderate protein diet plan. Researchers speculate that the extra belly fat loss could be due to the increase calorie burn you receive from weight lifting and extra protein.

Extra: You will be less likely to regain lost pounds. “Whenever you lose weight, it typically comes from both fat tissue and muscle,” explains Olson. “Resistance training helps maintain or even add muscle mass, which slows down your metabolism.”

3.  Use the Exercise Ball

To get hardcore abdominals from traditional crunches, use an exercise ball. Research from San Diego State University shows you will activate 40% more of your topmost abdominals (the rectus abdominis) and 47% more of your side abs (obliques). Next add some moves that target your deeper belly muscles, “Crunches are just one piece of the puzzle,” says trainer Jonathan Ross, owner of Aion Fitness in Bowie, MD. “The key to a firm midsection is to strengthen everything under your top muscles.”

Planks are a great way to target this area: Lie face down with upper body propped up by elbows and forearms. Tuck your toes and raise hips and legs off floor so body is in line from head to heels. Hold that position for 30 to 60 seconds. Try a set of side planks next: Balance on one elbow, forearm, and side of foot, with hips and legs stacked and opposite arm raised toward ceiling.

4.   Get More Sleep

Eating smart and exercising on a regular basis help eliminate both stress and belly fat, but only if you are getting enough sleep. Holding back on sleep causes levels of the stress hormone cortisol to increase, along with levels of deep abdominal fat. “There’s a definite association between lack of sleep, increased stress hormones, and weight gain,” says Olson. In a six year study, Canadian researchers discovered that adults who averaged just five to six hours of sleep a night were 35% more likely to gain 10-plus pounds and were nearly 60% heavier around the midsection compared to those who slept 7 to 8 hours.


5.    Balance On One Leg

If you are already strength training on a regular basis, then you are ahead of the nearly 80% who don’t. Research shows that even basic lower body moves such as squats and dead lifts are a good way to strengthen core muscles and help flatten your abs. Adding a balance challenge, such as standing on one leg, using an inflatable disk or wobble board, helps tone and target every little muscle. “When you narrow your base of support (like standing on one foot) you have less stability so your body engages all of its core muscles to stop you from falling,” says Olson. You should try adding a knee lift to lunges, do single leg squats or just  Balance on one leg while you perform upper body moves such as biceps curls and overhead presses.

6.    The Ultimate Belly Fat Workout

For quicker benefits, here are all the exercise-related healthy habits and flat belly-boosting tips combined into a weekly routine. If you find yourself short on time, begin with the cardio sessions. Then add total body strength training and finally some abdominal exercises.

Monday: Steady paced cardio workout (about 30 minutes)

Tuesday: Cardio speed/interval workout (at least 30 minutes); total body strength training, including at least 2 standing balance exercises (20 to 30 minutes).

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Cardio speed/interval exercises (at least 30 minutes); abdominal exercises (about 20 minutes)

Friday: Total body strength training, including at least 2 standing body balance exercises (20 to 30 minutes)

Saturday: Repeat Monday

Sunday: Repeat Tuesday

7.     Drink Green Tea

Green tea is good for your skin and helps fight cancer and now researchers say it will help you lose belly fat. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition discovered that exercisers who drink about 4 cups of green tea a day for twelve weeks lost over 8 times more belly fat than those who drank an ordinary caffeinated beverage (nearly 8% versus less than 1%). Researchers speculate that catechins (phytonutrients in green tea) may help increase the breakdown of fat.

8.     Eat Proven Belly Fat Foods

Watching portions, counting calories and minimizing junk food are all flat belly essentials, but some foods can make it easier to achieve your goal. Foods such as whole grains, nuts, dairy products and fish all help speed up your metabolism and reduce belly fat.

Follow these simple belly fat shortcuts today and get those hardcore abs you always dreamed of.

Find out more about how to lose belly fat and six pack abs at http://losebellyfatus.blogspot.com

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Belly Fat Diet to Lose Stomach Fat

Belly fat ranks as the number one biggest body complaint for women as most men. Other than making you cringe when you take a look in the mirror, belly fat even more scary on the inside, increasing your chances of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

It is unfortunate that belly fat expands as we get older. This is related to the increases production of cortisol which is a stress hormone. Combined with other hormonal factors such as low androgens, fat cells become inflamed and tissues expand to create fat where you don't want it - around the midsection. Called omentum, this blubbery tissues pumps out chemicals that keep you fat, creating a dangerous cycle and potential health issues you can't conceal.

To eliminate your over-40 belly fat crisis, follow this stomach fat plan:

1. Eat in Reverse To Lose Belly Fat

Can you blast off belly fat by eating spaghetti for breakfast? As a matter of fact you can. You should eat meals heavy in carbs early in the day so they get burned off instead of being stored as belly fat. When it's time for dinner you can do the opposite: Concentrate on eating lighter, more protein-based meals.

2. Drink One Glass of Red Wine Everyday to Reduce Belly Fat

As we get older we tend to become more stressed, which directly affects the belly by inflaming fat cells therefore causing us to gain weight. Studies have shown a link between a moderate amount of alcohol consumption and less belly fat. It's good to reduce stress where you can and have one glass of red wine each day. This will help you relax  and it provides antioxidant-rich resveratol, known to reduce inflammation.

3. Create A Fiber Pack to Lose Stomach Fat

It is essential that all women over 40 consume 25 grams of fiber each day to stay health. Fiber helps you stay full as an added benefit. Don't consume all your fiber all at once or you will feel bloated, instead spread it out during the day.

4. Make A Belly Band

Some women turn a blind eye to their waist size, but that's a dangerous mistake. Women you have a waist size larger than 32 inches are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Make a belly fat band by placing a ribbon around the center of your waist and cutting it to size with a pair of scissors . Use this band to track your waistline every day and make sure you are maintaining within the range of 32 inches or less.

5. Confuse Your Muscles to Lose Belly Fat

This is something that may surprise you: Muscles get used to doing the same exercises, and when your are not challenging them, you stop burning as much fat. To counter this dilemma, change up your exercise routine.


Belly Fat Foods:

1. Miso

This Japanese staple that is made from fermented soybeans, rice or barley, lowers triglycerides in the blood that contribute to belly fat. You can buy instant miso soup in supermarkets for about $3 per pack. Make sure you buy the low-sodium variety.

2. Sauerkraut

Unprocessed foods such as sauerkraut have bacteria that boosts digestion and reduces belly inflammation. Rather than eating it on a hot dog, try sauerkraut on whole-grain with turkey. You should aim to eat 3 teaspoons every day. You can buy canned sauerkraut for $1. Make sure you rinse it before eating and purchase the low-sodium kind.

3. Goldenberries

The goldenberry is a bright yellow fruit from Brazil, loaded with B vitamins that are essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Although goldenberries are sold fresh, they are easier to find in dried form and are available at health food stores or online for about $12. You should eat 1/4 cup every day.

Discover more about how to lose belly fat and reduce stomach fat at http://losebellyfatus.blogspot.com

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Better Sex After Weight Loss

Many individuals believe that there is better sex after weight loss which is true for most. The reason is not because you partner will find you more attractive and desirable which is physical but for emotional and psychological reasons. When you lose weight and get into shape you feel more confident and better about yourself. The confidence is what makes all the difference and leaves you feeling great.

When you lose weight and improve your image you will want to have sex more often and you will be in shape to last longer and not get tired so fast. Also you will have the strength to engage in other positions which will bring more excitement. The more overweight and out of shape you are when you begin to lose weight, the slower you will have to start, which is fine as long as you do take action. Many individuals fail to achieve their goals because they get too hyped up thinking they can do it all at once and get discouraged. Don’t fall into this category and take your time with your weight loss efforts so you don’t give up easily.

Have better sex after you lose weight.


You have to start off slow and keep working at to lose weight effectively because the small the changes add up. The small changes every week or month will keep you motivated because you will see results. Small changes like eating a few more fruits and vegetables while walking a few times a week is a great start. There is no secret to weight loss. You just have to burn more calories than you take in by eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.

The biggest mistake you can do to mess up yourself is to expect instant results to happen overnight. This will most definitely get you discouraged and set you up for failure. Keep yourself from disappointment by taking things slow and staying dedicated. You can strengthen the bond between you and your partner if you both workout together to get into shape. Nothing is sexier than two physically fit individuals sweating and making love in the nude.

As you can see, you can have better sex after weight loss and you will be stronger both emotionally and physically. Having self confidence will make you feel a lot better and being physically fit will make you more desirable and your partner will find you more attractive.


Weight Loss at Home for Obese Women

I understand how difficult it is to lose weight when you are a women that's obese but there is help and I am not talking about surgery. Many women overweight want to have surgery for an easy fix but can't afford the risks involved or the extremely high costs associated with it. There are options to lose weight and follow a more healthier and fulfilling lifestyle but first you have to talk to your doctor so he can provide you with some exercise and nutrition ideas. He can also give you advice on any modifications or limitations you may need to make based on your current state of health.

Once your doctor gives you the OK to get started you have many options such as joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer to get you started. You can also hire a personal trainer to come to your home or just buy a workout DVD and workout privately and comfortably in your own home. Going for a walk with your dog or a friend is another great option to get started if you don't have much energy and make sure you bring water with you to stay hydrated.

Tips to help obese women lose weight and reduce belly fat.



The next thing is to focus on eating healthier and try to eat five to six small meals a day instead of three large meals to keep your metabolism going. This way you can lose weight all day long even after you have finished with you daily exercise. You should stay away from processed foods with little or no nutritional benefit and eat whole grains. It's important to eat your share of fresh fruits and vegetables and if you can afford organics then go for it. Organic foods don't have the harmful added pesticides and growth hormones.

Eating lean protein such as skinless boneless chicken, fish, tofu or lean beef only once or twice per week, are excellent ways of getting lean protein. Drinking water is very important and many people don't which leave them dehydrated. You should at least drink your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Eat less of the sugars and sweets but understand you are not perfect and cannot eliminate all your favorites in just one day. You have to gradually decrease the amount of sweets you crave and try not to get rid of them all at once. Make realistic goals and don't set high standards or else you will become frustrated and give up.

I truly understand that being an obese women and trying to lose weight is difficult but it does not have to be permanent. There are several options to improve your health and following a healthier lifestyle today.



Weight Loss Health Diet Alternative

Lately we have seen several drugs that were once approved by the FDA being recalled because it now looks like those drugs may be harmful to us. No one wants to risk their health to lose a little (or a lot of) weight.


Of course, even with all natural products they can still cause you problems if you take too much, take them in the wrong way or take them with other prescription or over the counter medications. Just because they are all natural does not mean that there can't be dangerous drug interactions. Consult with your doctor before you start using any new products, especially if you are already taking medications.


Here is a list of some of the best weight loss alternative medicine health diet herbs that can help you get where you want to be without having to worry about what will happen in ten years:


1. Drinking burdock tea between meals can help you reduce your appetite and prevent snacking and hunger pains. Another benefit is that burdock tea can help boost your metabolism. All you need to do is simmer an ounce of burdock root with one quart of water. Simmer for 20 minutes. Let cool and drink.


2. Fennel and nettle tea can prevent sweet cravings which would definitely help. This combination will really help you get a great start on your weight loss.  Just boil 3 cups of water, remove from the heat and add 1 teaspoon of fennel seed and 2 teaspoons of nettle leaves.  Three cups of fennel tea a day is the maximum you want to have otherwise you can get some serious side effects.


3. Taking just 1 tablespoon of powdered flaxseed will expand in our stomach and help you feel full and eat less if you take it before every meal. You can also get a lot of fiber and vitamins with flaxseed which is just good for your body.


4. One of the most popular alternatives to diet pills is green tea. Drinking green tea throughout your day is easy since there are many drinks now made of green tea. Green tea is a great energy boost, protects you from free radicals, can help your immune system and increase your metabolism.


5. Ginseng supplements taken once a day can do wonders to increase your energy and help with weight loss. Ginseng is also great to help alleviate stress.


You should not risk your health when you can find an all natural weight loss alternative medicine health diet plan. Just make sure you consult with your favorite doctor before you begin to be on the safe side.


The 12 Day Grapefruit Diet to Lose Weight

There has been a diet plan that has been around since the 1930s. That makes it anything but a fad diet. What we are talking about is the 12 day grapefruit diet. Grapefruit has a lot of benefits for individuals seeking to lose weight. It's fat free, low calorie, high in fiber and  packed with vitamin C.

The grapefruit diet itself is really easy to follow. All you do is eat one-half of a grapefruit before each meal. There also seems to be enzymes in the fruit that keeps your appetite in check, meaning you will eat fewer calories overall. Grapefruit is also believed to speed up metabolism which helps you burn more calories. So, not only will you take in fewer calories, but you will also burn more off. Both of these things are key to losing weight. In fact, some tests have shown that it's possible to lose ten pounds in two weeks by changing to the 12 day grapefruit diet.

Even though the grapefruit diet has been a round for as long as it has, the 12 day grapefruit diet is still classified along with fad diets. That's because it relies on making only one change and doesn't incorporate other necessary elements of weight loss.

You can do the diet, but that doesn't give you a free pass to eat all kinds of junk food. You still need to watch what you eat, trying to eat a variety of healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. If you really want to shed pounds, you also need to exercise. Find activities you enjoy and try to get moving for 20 to 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week.

At the same time, you should be changing your habits. Changing how you prepare food can have a big impact. Try grilling, steaming and baking instead of frying food. Eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 larger meals. Also try to eat food in as close to its natural state as possible.

But does all of this mean the 12 day grapefruit diet is bad? Not at all. While you should still make all of the changes we just discussed, the grapefruit diet can help you lose weight quickly. It isn't practical to think you could stick to such a diet, but it could give you a great start. Losing a few pounds in a week or two can be very motivating and will give you a better chance of weight loss success.

Finally, combining all of these things is the way to lose those extra pounds. Do the 12 day grapefruit diet, exercise, eat right, and make other habit changes and you will lose all the weight you need, lose it for good, and you won't drive yourself crazy in the process.


Weight Loss Tips

If you have been struggling to lose weight, then you may have come to the conclusion that it is absolutely impossible to do so. The truth is that it doesn't have to be all that difficult. However, if you think that reducing those extra pounds is a quick and easy process that doesn't require any effort on your part, then you are wrong. If you are passionate about weight loss and you're ready to follow a sensible dieting plan, get moving and change your attitude, you will lose weight more quickly.

Many times it seems as though diet and weight loss plans are a regular part of our lives; coming and going more often than we would like to admit. These are usually fad diets that we rely on to in the hopes of finally finding the one that "really works". However, it's not a wise  idea to start any diet before you fully understand it. The good news is that there are diet programs that have been proven to work. Another thing that you may want to think about is that weight loss is not a one-time physical act. Instead, it's a lifestyle change that you incorporate into your everyday life.

There are several reasons why people don't stick to weight loss programs, but lack of motivation often isn't one of them. What's needed are some basic ways of increasing the odds of success. Here are some things you can do to put the odds in your favor.

1. Stay focus - A lot has been said about willpower and its lack of effectiveness. The issue with willpower is that it sets up the wrong mindset. When you think about it, you only need willpower when you are feeling deprived. Once you begin thinking about things you can't have, or how hard it all is, you are setting yourself up for failure. You need something better, and that's where focus comes in. It's the opposite of willpower. Focus on why you want to lose weight, what your ultimate goal is, and how you will feel once you reach your specific weight. When you're focused, you are thinking about the positive aspects of your weight loss plan which is a good thing.

2. Get moving - Some people like to call this exercise, but at the same time, that word has negative connotations for a lot of people. No matter what you call it, you need to get physical if you want to increase your chances of success. The key is to engage in activities that you enjoy. This could be going for a walk, bowling, dancing, gardening, or swimming. Always remember that any extra activity equals extra calories burned.

3. Effort - That's right, weight loss takes effort. There is no way around it. Fortunately, the more effort you put in, the more weight you will lose.

Keep these three easy weight loss tips in mind and maintain a diet and exercise routine that's right for you. It may seem hard at first but once you get going and see results it will become second nature to you. Start today and become a healthier person tomorrow.


Beer Belly Causes: How to Reduce Belly Fat

According to Senior Dieticians Mukta Vasishta and Sunita Roy Chowdhary, the real cause of the beer belly is not totally caused by drinking alcohol. Vasishta says that the real cause of a beer belly is excess calorie intake and not burning enough calories because of a sedentary lifestyle.

The people who have a beer belly are not healthy because the visceral fat deposited leads to secretion of cytokines which cause chronic inflammation and disease. According to Chowdhary, it would be a great choice to lose weight if you are a male with a waist size above 40 inches and a female with a waist size above 35 inches. He also says the main cause of obesity is consumption of excess calories (overeating) and Cushing’s syndrome (which is a health condition that comes from long-standing contact of the body's tissues to high levels of the hormone cortisol) and certain drugs may also be the cause.

Mukta Vasishta mentions that to prevent this type of obesity you must lose weight, relieve stress by meditation and breathing exercises, drink plenty of water and eat a proper diet. He says Liposuction removes subcutaneous fat and not the visceral fat because it is too close to the internal organ which is not safe. Chowdhary states that one must eat a healthy balanced diet and daily routine exercise. Do not overeat and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to lose weight and reduce belly fat successfully.

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