Lose Belly Fat Proven Belly Fat Loss Secrets to Lose Stomach Fat


Weight Loss at Home for Obese Women

I understand how difficult it is to lose weight when you are a women that's obese but there is help and I am not talking about surgery. Many women overweight want to have surgery for an easy fix but can't afford the risks involved or the extremely high costs associated with it. There are options to lose weight and follow a more healthier and fulfilling lifestyle but first you have to talk to your doctor so he can provide you with some exercise and nutrition ideas. He can also give you advice on any modifications or limitations you may need to make based on your current state of health.

Once your doctor gives you the OK to get started you have many options such as joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer to get you started. You can also hire a personal trainer to come to your home or just buy a workout DVD and workout privately and comfortably in your own home. Going for a walk with your dog or a friend is another great option to get started if you don't have much energy and make sure you bring water with you to stay hydrated.

Tips to help obese women lose weight and reduce belly fat.



The next thing is to focus on eating healthier and try to eat five to six small meals a day instead of three large meals to keep your metabolism going. This way you can lose weight all day long even after you have finished with you daily exercise. You should stay away from processed foods with little or no nutritional benefit and eat whole grains. It's important to eat your share of fresh fruits and vegetables and if you can afford organics then go for it. Organic foods don't have the harmful added pesticides and growth hormones.

Eating lean protein such as skinless boneless chicken, fish, tofu or lean beef only once or twice per week, are excellent ways of getting lean protein. Drinking water is very important and many people don't which leave them dehydrated. You should at least drink your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Eat less of the sugars and sweets but understand you are not perfect and cannot eliminate all your favorites in just one day. You have to gradually decrease the amount of sweets you crave and try not to get rid of them all at once. Make realistic goals and don't set high standards or else you will become frustrated and give up.

I truly understand that being an obese women and trying to lose weight is difficult but it does not have to be permanent. There are several options to improve your health and following a healthier lifestyle today.


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