Eat normally and lose weight: accessible to anyone

Eat normally and lose weight : accessible to anyone

How to eat normally and lose weight? This is the conundrum that many people try to solve throughout their lives.

Yes, it is a pleasure to eat. I say it with conviction, yes, it is perfectly feasible to eat normally and lose weight. In fact, this is one of the main recommendations I give to my patients who, for the most part, come to the office having tried all sorts of diets and being voluntarily hungry because they are depriving themselves!

However, when I tell people that they need to eat, usually their first reaction is dread. They are afraid to eat because they are afraid of getting fat! They think that everything is fattening, that you have to remove gluten, lactose, sugar and fat from your diet to be slimmer and healthier.

The world has gone crazy with so many diet fads. People’s biggest fear is getting fat. They believe that if they lose control, they will gain two, three, five, twenty kilos in one go.

That’s why so many people think the solution is to restrict themselves. I see many patients who have lost 20, 30 kilos after having done some very restrictive diets and have gained it all back, or even more! This yo-yo effect is neither normal nor healthy. It pushes the body to protect itself from another restriction or another period of hunger. And how does it do this? By getting fatter!

Many of them come to me after having lost a lot of weight, with the goal of maintaining that weight with my method. I’ll be honest: this is not possible. If you ask me: “how to lose weight by eating normally”, I will explain to you that by resuming a normal diet, without deprivation, your body will gradually return to its initial weight, but perhaps you will gain a few extra kilos at first, before losing them in a healthy way.

But this difference on the scale is compensated by the peace of mind you will feel when you take back control of your life and your diet, no longer relegating it to a piece of paper with a list of foods and portions that must be eaten or excluded during the day. Eating everything is a great joy. Gradually you stop overeating. Then you can start eating normally and lose weight!

1- Trust your body more

Yes, many people want to know how to eat normally to lose weight. But most are afraid to start eating without limits. Not everyone is up to the challenge of eating everything, without eating everything! However, eating everything you want to eat reduces the anxiety surrounding “forbidden foods”.

Who has never been obsessed with a chocolate during a diet and, at the moment of “liberation”, started to eat three times more than what they would normally bear?

If this sounds like you, I’d like you to make a mental note to trust your body more. Respect its hunger and cravings more. That way, you’ll start to reconnect with the feeling of satiety: that moment when your body signals that it’s satisfied with a simple piece of chocolate. It won’t need the whole bar.

Believe it or not, weight loss always ends up being a consequence of that feeling of fullness and well-being that you will regain.

2- How to lose weight and eat normally: change your habits little by little

When faced with doubts about how to lose weight and eat normally, many people choose to cut out certain food groups, believing that in this way they are free to eat everything else without great repercussions.

I don’t recommend this kind of attitude, because we need all types of foods. We are Omnivores! We can eat anything, except of course those who have medical restrictions.

So one piece of advice I never tire of giving is: eat better, not less. This is the first step towards improving the quality of your meals and, little by little, your diet as a whole.

To regain the pleasure of eating without counting calories, it is necessary to review your habits. Instead of eating in an overly methodical way, or on the contrary, eating without thinking, “in automatic mode”, try to listen more to your needs and your body.

There are times when you will want to eat something sweet, on a holiday, maybe drink a soda. But if you eat these foods in moderation, with a varied diet rich in fruits, vegetables, plants and grains, you will see that it is possible to eat everything without going overboard. And the best thing is: without that feeling of weakness that diets bring.

Faced with a diversified supply of nutrients, appetite is better controlled and overeating is less likely. Thus you will see that the question “how to eat normally and lose weight”, although it seems to be a nonsense, is logical and it is very simple to answer.

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