How to eat healthy ? The recipe for a healthy life

How to eat healthy ? The recipe for a healthy life

Our hectic daily rhythm forces us to do a lot of activities at once. Working, studying, taking care of the housework, the kids, playing with the cat or the dog, visiting the parents, shopping… whew! Our schedule is so full that it becomes difficult to pay attention to what we eat. At the same time, it is difficult to choose quality foods for our body among an ever increasing variety of foods.

In the midst of all this excitement, how can you eat healthy by making subtle changes in your eating habits and regain the peace and pleasure of eating well?

First of all, what does eating healthy mean to you? You must have already read or heard that it means eating every 3 hours, or having 4 snacks a day: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner with possibly small snacks during the day. Or mixing foods according to their color to have some diversity. There is also the whole range of miracle diets that promise to get you back on track with a plethora of various restrictions, counting the number of calories per day or following a detox to lose weight for example.

My approach to healthy eating is very different and can change your perception of food: forget about crash diets, relax, and learn to listen to your body’s signals.

Your body has the ability to tell you when it’s time to eat, when you’re full, and when you need to hydrate. The three-meals-a-day rule is particularly simplistic given the great diversity of organisms. The answer to the question “how to eat healthy” varies from person to person. My answer may be very different from yours, and yet we both eat healthily.

The basic principle of healthy eating is to eat a varied and balanced diet based on the nutrients you need throughout the day. Your habits, your weight, your lifestyle are all factors that contribute to shape your daily needs. Take for example a person who jogs 3 km every day, is a mother with young children and works during the day. Compare their lifestyle and habits with someone who is 22 years old, in college and not working. Their needs are completely different. This applies to children, men, pregnant women, etc. It is important to understand the complexity of the “how to eat healthy” question, and to step back from the “ready-made” miracle diets.

1- But then, how to eat healthy? What is the recipe?

To eat healthy, you need to know how to choose the foods that go on your plate. Preferably choose the least industrialized, least processed foods. If you have the time, the ideal is still to cook yourself! This allows you to improve the quality of your diet by choosing foods better and using less sodium, sugar and fat than when you eat a ready-made meal.

Eating healthy means choosing a variety of quality ingredients, balancing meals with fruits, vegetables, spices, natural yogurts, nuts, proteins, carbohydrates, and whatever else nature provides. And don’t forget to drink enough to keep your body well hydrated. Often, we confuse the sensation of thirst with hunger, and we eat more, when our body wants water.

2- How to eat healthy? By improving the quality of your meals.

In general, we have one to two hours of break at lunch. That’s more than enough time to enjoy our meal and savor it. But instead, we eat in a hurry and spend so much time on whatsapp, social media, TV and other ways of connecting to the world that we forget about the people who are there with us. Paradoxical, isn’t it? We focus on what is distant, and neglect what is close. We move away from the present moment and awareness of what we are doing, which takes away the pleasure of eating while enjoying our meal.

As I said before, the functioning of each organism depends on the intake of a large number of nutrients, proteins, fibers, vitamins… And this cocktail of vital ingredients depends on the physiological state of the individual, cardiac, diabetic, pregnant, and many other factors that make the subject of human nutrition very complex. This is why today we look at the diet of an individual in its entirety, not only the frequency of meals and the quantity of nutrients, but also the quality, eating behavior or habits and lifestyle.

Over the next few days, you can try to follow these tips that will help improve your diet. Eating healthier will improve the functioning of your body and reduce the risk of diseases.

3- Tips for healthy eating

Eat a varied diet.
Reduce the amount of industrial and processed foods in favor of more natural foods.
Eat fried foods in moderation.
Eat slowly, take the time to chew well, eat consciously.
Talk to the people around the table.
Feel the pleasure of eating.
Choose quality foods that give you pleasure.
If you can, cook at home.
Learn to listen to your body to better differentiate between sensations such as hunger and thirst.
Learning how to eat healthy does not mean having a perfect diet. Eating contributes greatly to our quality of life and helps us achieve our healthy weight. Eating a healthy diet improves your well-being! Avoid drastic dietary restrictions that waste your time and energy.


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