How to eat without getting fat?

How to eat without getting fat?

A common mistake about food is to assert that there are foods that make you fat and others that make you lose weight by themselves, the famous good and bad foods. Because of this, many people stop eating what they like or force themselves to eat what they don’t like. This “rule” is even stronger when the goal is to lose weight. But what if I told you that it is possible to eat without getting fat? And how? And that it is possible to lose weight by eating? Yes, by eating! This is exactly what many people stop doing, especially at the moment with the fasting to lose weight trend.

1- Eating without gaining weight: how is this possible?

Do you want to know how to eat without gaining weight? You don’t need to eat like a sparrow to lose weight, let alone stop eating everything you like. Instead, you need to find a balance. To eat and not gain weight, you need to focus on fresh, homemade, market foods, and leave the ultra-processed foods for special occasions. You notice that I am not saying that you have to exclude anything: you can eat a sweet treat from time to time, but you have to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables, nuts, oilseeds, homemade meals and seasonings. You will feel less need to eat processed foods that are not as interesting nutritionally, because your body will be nourished in a more complete way.

This is a gradual and natural process. There is no need to force it, just be patient. These natural foods, in addition to promoting a greater feeling of satiety thanks to their high fiber content, also serve as food for the good bacteria in the intestine, increasing their proportion compared to the less favorable bacteria. These beneficial bacteria help improve nutrient absorption and thus help balance the body. It has been observed that they can decrease the frequency of cravings for sugary, high-fat, high-energy foods.

The Internet is an ideal platform to observe people’s eating behavior. It shows how people are lost in the midst of so much information, how they don’t trust their instincts and insist on restricting themselves to the extreme when it comes to losing weight. There are thousands of photos of meals that are published all the time, but the pattern that often comes up is the tiny size of the dishes and the total elimination of certain foods or entire food groups. Hence the question that many naturally ask: how to eat without getting fat?

The secret is not in the restriction and diets, but to seek to eat better

2- But what is the result of all this in the long run?

The way you eat can’t just be a phase, it must be permanent. Are you going to manage to eat two salad leaves and a chicken fillet for lunch every day of your life? Not only is it impossible to maintain this extremely monotonous habit for a long time, but you run the risk of developing a vitamin or mineral deficiency. To eat without getting fat you need to eat enough, because your body needs many more nutrients every day than just protein and those from a few lettuce leaves.

3- So how do you eat without getting fat?

How about filling your plate with vegetables and plants of different colors? In addition to providing your daily needs in vitamins and minerals, the taste will be much more diversified and pleasant, and it will become a lasting and even pleasant habit.

It is possible to eat without putting on weight, as long as you respect your hunger and are careful to make the best possible choices. The quantities on your plate don’t have to be tiny, after all vegetables and raw vegetables have a much lower energy value than cereals and meats for example. They can and should be eaten in larger quantities.

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